Just a thought: NIKE congratulates Joschka Fischer.

Now if I was an important person at the agency working for NIKE in Germany today I would camp in front of their offices and just to make them publish this tactical ad on the 12th of April this year.

NIKE ad for Joschka Fischer.

This picture shows the adjuration of Joseph “Joschka” Fischer, an important German politician, former minister of foreign affairs and famous runner. On the day, this picture was taken, he was member of a small but upcoming party called “Die Grünen” and was going to be environment minister of Hesse. But above all this picture would make him famous for being the “Sneaker Minister” as he was wearing NIKE kicks in the parliament. What obviously was a scandal.

Now on the 12th of April this year he will be 60 years old. And why shouldn’t NIKE congratulate with an ad celebrating the only wordwide “Sneaker Minister” ever?

Sorry Lauren, I know you hate me for all that NIKE appreciation posts.


  1. i forgive you for this one oehmchen – it’s a good one and something i happen to agree with. bring on a sneaker freak minister any day 🙂

  2. I love you for them, Seb.

  3. Seb

    Paul, as always I feel incredibly flattered. But what exactly do you love me for? Anyway, I love you back. Big time.

  4. i think paul loves you for all those nike appreciation posts.

    either that or he loves you on behalf of nike.

    or maybe both.

  5. sdf

    btw, joschka ran the new york marathon (registered under an a.k.a.) while being minister of foreign affairs a few years back…

  6. Seb

    Yeah, heard of that New York Marathon thing. But wasn’t sure if it’s just rumours or truth.

  7. Age

    I too applaud you for the Nike posts Seb!!!

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    […] NIKE congratulates Joschka Fischer Kein offizielles Motiv, sondern ein Vorschlag von Seb. ich finds gut. […]

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