A beer’s dignity.

I use the tube twice a day. Sometimes more often. That means I sit a lot on benches waiting for it. Consequently that means that I am bored a lot (as long as I don’t have anything to read with me). Bored people, probably one of the last target groups of billboards in underground stations. Anyway they got me and I saw this:

Die Würde des Biers...

A billboard for (together with Budvar) on of the best beers in the world, Pilsner Urquell. The headline is a mindless link to a fundamental sentence in the German Constitution: Human dignity is inviolable. Well, some agency, that name I don’t know, though it would be a clever thing to change that sentence to:

“The beer’s dignity is inviolable”.

Oh, really? Interesting. But what the hell is this sentence supposed to mean? That the beer is untouchable and I am better off no buying it because that would result in the beer losing it’s dignity? Come on, whatever agency, this is on of the best beers in the world. I really like it. I would buy it. But your poster absolutely ruins the opinion I have about Pilsner Urquell. What do you want to achieve? Well I will tell you. Staropramen is close to outrun Pilsner Urquell when it comes to my favourites now. Because instead of publishing mindless pieces of ads they don’t do any billboards.

One more thing in terms of art direction. Black is not always a safe decision. It’s a boring. Furthermore don’t you find it disturbing that both claim and logo are not aligned to the bottle or at least the headline? Additionally I find it quite interesting what you do with the arrangement of logo and claim, as well. What do you think would be the right proportion and the right alignment of the claim to the logo? I will give a hint. It’s not the one you’ve chosen. Definitely not. It looks rubbish.You’ve definitely violated the dignity of this beer. Shame on you.


  1. Oysterbay. I think they’re responsible for this stuff. They have done some stuff for them before.

  2. BTW. Fancy a beer sometime? Gimme a Ring 🙂

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