Advertising is dead! Long live advertising!

From time to time things slightly change. What is great. Because change is great. Years ago the internet started to change certain things in advertising that happily can now be harvested by us. Because the internet fastforwarded a process of growing media coverage. Wherever you go there is advertising. Everywhere. In the papers, the TV, the internet, the outdoor, on your mobile and in your videogame. People became more and more used to it. And more and more bored by it. Not because advertising became bad. There were more great ads in 2007 than there were in 1980. But there even where more bad ads in 2007 than 1980. And that’s the problem. Bad advertising compared to good grew excessively. So people became bored and slightly immune against advertising even faster. It’s sad. It’s a disaster. But as every disaster there is a chance in it. A BIG one. Maybe the most exciting and biggest chance in advertising ever. And as always the guys and dolls at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky are ahead of all the others. Not because they reinvented the wheel. They are just doing something that most agencies don’t. Because advertising agencies tend to answer clients briefs with advertising. What is great, because that’s what their name says, right? No. It’s the point that make us weak and replaceable for clients. But CP+B do it different. They answer the clients brief with a SOLUTION. And this solution may be a commercial or an outdoor campaign or a website or a print ad or a new product or a TV show or a video game.

And that is what is exciting about the future. Because advertising is no more only about “telling an interesting story about a brand in an interesting way” as Bill Bernbach said. It has become more multi-faceted. It has to be entertaining, interesting and probably not only the product it advertises but the advertising itself should have a benefit for the customer. Whatever this is. There are exciting times to come, and we can be very proud to have the possibility to add our value to that evolution. Today advertising can be anything. And for example CP+B step ahead by just doing things right. And exciting. To be honest I thought that Nike was nuts handling their most future-facing account from Wieden+Kennedy to Crispin, Porter+Bogusky. Because Dan Wieden made them do it. But looking at it objectively it is the right move. Long time ago DDB changed advertising. CP+B is doing it now. With work like the Subservient Chicken, Mini, VW, Burger King and definitely maybe Nike. And hopefully they have and still are encouraging agencies worldwide to present solutions and not only advertising at tomorrow’s client meeting. Does all this make sense or am I just writing behind time?


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