A new year.

Last sunday was my birthday. I turned one year older and though twentysix is the most boring age in the world it was a really nice and laid back come together, sit together on sofas, drink and smoke together on sofas and celebrate this day on sofas. Open air. Outside a cozy bar. Brilliant. Thanks to the lovely people who were there.

While thinking about getting older, an idea came to my mind that I set myself new things I want to try or do during this new year. Three of them I will post today. Before, I want to show you a brilliant new commercial for Nike by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. For me this is my commercial of the week. A sports company advertising with the fact that running sucks. It’s so true. And so brilliant.

It briefly described what I thought about running. It’s boring. You run, run and run. And where does it take you? Where you started. How stupid is that? That’s the reason I prefered football and basketball. But I really like this whole Nike+ training thing. Apart from that it’s brilliant marketing, I think it’s great to actually see results from your daily training.

Because I stopped doing sports regularly when I started my job, I am far, far from a body and health condition you could describe as fit. And that’s why I want to start running this year. Got a Nike+ set (thanks, love you, darling) and will hopefully from now on do some workouts every week. Besides I hope that it will cure me from smoking, as well. Here you can see my first stats from today. Will maybe post more about my first run with Nike+ later. It’s not much, but a start, isn’t it?

All the money that running and stop smoking can save me, will all be spend for a long holiday. You know, since I started working here four years ago, I haven’t been on holidays. Sure, three days here, four days there…but that’s not a real holiday. And that’s why I promised me to at least visit three countries I have never been to before during year twentysix. The first one will probably be Norway this August with two lovely people and my best little friend Lenny, who is 10 month old now. But the really exciting thing is the plan or idea for next year. Four weeks in Australia with a stop in maybe Singapore or Thailand. Depends on what’s possible. Though the lovely girl sharing the bed, kitchen and bathroom with me still is thinking about the Westcoast ot the Americas. But I think I will persuade her. Anyway I am already excited. And I hope we somehow can make this happen. Australia…this would be brilliant.

Okay. The third thing will be a bit strange because of my age. But I definitely want to learn a new trick on the skateboard. Easy. Unfortunately it inevitably implies to learn how to skate. And I have never done this before…no…this is a lie. I did stand on a skateboard when I was 6 and prompt fell on my butt. But everytime I see those guys skating around in videos, on the street or when I sit in front of my PS2 playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (yeah, I have them all), one thing springs to my mind: I want to try that. I want to skate. And you know what? This year I will buy a board and start. Though I am not exactly sure if I will begin to skate or repeatingly will fall on my butt. Unfortunately my helpful girlfriend already proclaimed that she won’t vet any injury being caused by skateboarding. Thanks, lovely.

Grind Bowl

So how does all this sound so far? Maybe I will post some other tasks later. But for now: Thanks for your attention.


  1. Waldemar

    i’d support you with learning to skate. i always wanted to do that. if you’ll come to london we shall do so 🙂

  2. Seb

    great idea. though we might end up being wll known thoughout London as the “two German idiots repeatingly falling on their butts”. anyway, if I will go to London we’ll be that two German skater-wannabe-guys. guess it will be fun.

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