Commercial of the Week: Nike.

Addicted to running? No, not me. But the new commercial for Nike+ by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. A lot of “+” in this sentence, don’t you think? Shortly after Nike handing over their US running account to Crispin, Porter + Bogusky I saw it on television yesterday. My first thought: Woo, what’s that? Brilliant copywriting and great execution. That’s what running is about, isn’t it? And though I really like CP+B for their groundbreaking work I think they’ll have to walk in huge footsteps. Never forget: Dan made you do it.


  1. Waldemar

    it should be very interesting 🙂 seb how are things? did you made up your mind about the portfolio night? amsterdam, berlin or london?

  2. Seb

    unfortunately we have a presentation on the day of portfolio night so I won’t join you in London though I would like to. but I definitely will be in London for Russell’s interesting2007. will send you a mail with more stuff going on. by the way: how is bmb working? good?

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