The dawn of scare.

After work I started to draw and paint the first smiling faces of scare. And that’s what I felt during the paintworks. One stupid copywriter-can’t-draw-mistake and the work of hours is fucked up. But somehow I enjoy it and only my tired mind stopped me from doing more faces. So this is how it looks like now:

I began to drawpaint the small faces first because they seemed to be the easier ones. They weren’t because it was hard to draw different faces on 1.5 to 1.5 cm.

So any suggestions from the artist section?


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    I like to change a few things from time to time. Because change is vital. And because I get bored being at the same place for some time and nothing really happens. That's why I moved this blog to another website you get there by clicking on one of the links below. Hopefully we will meet there again, maybe not. If so, we just were not made for each other. Sorry. Bye.

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