To scared to be scary.

After some days in Zurich and spending another some days on thinking about how to scare Wieden+Kennedy I got stuck. A lot of ideas, no idea how to realise them and time tickin away. But sometimes a shiny light appears at the horizon. My shiny light was called Marcus. Though at first sight he did not help me but put another pile of work on the mountain that Neil already set up. He said “write a brief to yourself”. It sounded funny. It sounded a funny waste of time. But time was the thing I did not have. And I was not sure if I could write a proper brief to myself. Anyway the fun completed the battle as the winning force so I did it. Here it is:

Let me tell you a story. Centuries ago Hannibal fought the Romans. Everything stood against him. The Roman army had the most brilliant strategists of their time. And those brilliant strategists led the biggest armed forces of their time. So how did Hannibal manage to cope with the Romans? Was he good looking? No. Was he rich? No. Did he hold the Death Star master plan? Probably not. He simply had the ability to believe and to make people believe. To make them believe that they could climb the Alps with elephants. To make them believe that they were stronger than 20 Roman soldiers that each stood against every single one of them. To make them believe that the impossible is possible. So be Hannibal.
Another story. Not centuries ago. Only decades. Until 1968 a high jump followed one simple rule: look at the bar, run, jump, try to not touch the bar with your belly and most important: look at the bar. Everyone did it this way. No discussions. So in 1968 a student from Oregon came along the aisle and questioned this rule. No, to be more precise: he ignored it. Why not jump backwards while not looking at the bar? Silly boy. Not looking at the bar. How stupid is that? Very stupid. And very successful. He won gold. Simply because he did things differently. So be Dick Fosbury.
Hannibal, Fosbury…what will be next? Einstein? Gandhi? Churchill? No. Next in line will be a real hero. Someone who never gave up going on. A person who failed, failed again and failed even worse. But got up and failed again. It may brought him more grey hair, more wrinkles. But he tried again and again. And though he never made his dream come true, he followed it on and on. Because he wanted it to happen. Truly, deeply, madly. What was the dream that kept him getting up after every time he failed? To eat Roadrunner. So be Coyote.
How simple is that? Make it to Wieden+Kennedy by simply being Hannibal, Fosbury and Coyote?
Not that simple. Because this was not the last task. The last one will be dangerous. It might take you to places you are afraid of. To places that will hold opinions you might not like. Opinions that might hurt you. Places that bring a lot of things to loose. But maybe even more things to win.
Now the last task may sound like the easiest one. But it’s not: Forget everything I told you.
Be yourself. Be true. Be open. Tell them who this person is that wants to steal some minutes of their day. Show them what’s interesting about you: you. And don’t reduce that to the ads you did. People don’t work with ads. People work with people. Show them that you’ve got something to tell. That you have an opinion. That you have ideas. And don’t be afraid to fail. To fail is human. And it will make you stronger. You may wonder how to tell them. You choose weapons. Blog, film, story, painting – try to find the way that can tell best who you are. And now show them what you can add to Wieden+Kennedy. Yourself.

Okay. Now, did this unbelievable waste of time help me? Yes. Somehow after finishing this brief I had the idea on how things probably could work. Let’s see.


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