Dead spot, dead good.

I’ve just got a call from someone to my phone at the office. That someone told me that another someone desperately tried to call me on my mobile and was freaking out because “everybody checks mailboxes every day”. No. Not me. Because I don’t have my mobile with me. Forgot it. And I am fine with that. I don’t like the fact that people think I should be available at any time on my mobile. Why should I? If it’s that important write an email, SMS or twitter or something. I’ll check that.

Be sure that it’s not because I don’t like you or disrespect you. No. But just because my favourite TV show or magazine or newspaper is interrupted by advertising that doesn’t mean that it can be interrupted by incoming phone calls as well. One’s enough. Honest. But this time it was just because I simply forgot my phone. I had my PowerBook with me because I need it for working stuff, you know. I had my iPod with me because I like my way to work accompanied with some fine music. I had my keys with me because I need them to lock the door. I even had some cigarettes with me because from time to time I like to enjoy a smoke. I definitely had my wallet with me because I need my ticket for the underground and some money to buy food and the newspaper. But I didn’t had my mobile with me because I don’t need it to survive my day. Because it’s not that important for me to get calls from whoever feels like talking to me. The ones that are important have my office number (though a bunch of unimportants have it as well). My mobile remained unanswered yesterday. And will remain untouched today. Two days off for my mobile to recharge batteries. Two days off for me to recover from being available at any time.


  1. Marcus Brown

    My mobile phone doesn’t ring anymore. Not since skype.

    Good post.

  2. Seb

    skype. I see. that’s quite an interesting thing. Meike (my girlfriend) doesn’t understand my twitter. on the other hand I don’t understand her skype. but maybe because I am aware of internet services that might cost me a dime or two. but when I have my new MacBook maybe I’ll get that skype thing. it seems to be interesting, is it?

  3. Anonymous

    it’s just another way to communicate, faster as email. you feel a bit observed all the time, people see when you’re online.
    but one who uses twitter on his mobile (private!)and this “what am I doing”-thing on the blog shouldn’t have a problem with it……

  4. Seb

    so, please welcome my lovely love: anonymeike. as I pointed out she doesn’t understand my twittering. but she has accepted that blogging thing. and now there is here first comment. nice. you’re making progress.

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