adidas just did it.

Actually I thought that Adidas couldn’t beat the worldcup campaign “+10”. Simplicity, great film and brilliant ideas in every medium. But then Adidas and I guess mainly 180° prooved me wrong. Nothing is impossible. Not just the name of the new campaign but a statement that even great work can be bettered. Okay, the idea “let athletes tell stories that fit to our claim” was done by NIKE again and again. But adidas managed to not only tell the story of one or two athletes but of 12 sportsmen and women from different sports, mixing professionals with amateurs. Furthermore the execution is really good, the illustration style is sweet and combined with the emotional stories behind not only athletes like David Beckham but as well the junior soccer team of St Margaret makes it just brilliant. On the campaign’s website there is even more to find. Beside the “works of art” that were down by the athletes and that will tour Europe in an exhibition you find games, behind the scenes stuff and the usual downloadable stuff. All things considered it’s a very well done campaign with a wide use of channels. Congratulations adidas and 180° / TBWA. A nice side dish: the website offers quick and easy embed-function to bloggers who want to show one or two of the films on their blog. And that’s what I am going to do now. Here are my four favourites:


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