Belated Snapshot Thursday.

Thanks to my beloved clients there was not much time to write something smart over the last week. I am breaking my own “let’s get some system into this blog”-rule which is sad. TBWA probably would argue that breaking the rules is the perfect way under the flag of disruption. And I am okay with that. Anyway, do you creativspace (perhaps our pendant zu plannersphere?) people have got the same problem? Stuff in your had you would like to blog about but no time to figure it out and type it into your Mac? Hopefully I’ll have some time over the weekend to write down all the stuff that waits to be written for weeks. But for now let’s start with “Snapshot Thursday” and let’s begin with something beautiful and gorgeous: Kerstin. She used to be our graphic designer. Now she’s a grown up junior art director. Somehow I still feel responsible for her. Probably that’s why I buy her chocolate cake every day. But maybe it’s just because I love her and want her back.


Last week Sven, our creative director, went to Capetown to shoot two commercials for one of our clients. OTTO is Germany’s biggest catalogue company and one of the biggest online retailers. And obviously they’ve got some sense of humour.


Here you can see the director Jan with our model and actor(ess) Mike.

Jan & Mike.

This is Sven. Wringing out the hair he doesn’t has.


Ah, the joy of working in advertising. Sunny beaches somewhere in South Africa, turquoise coloured water and…erm…beautiful models. And not to forget: the teams that wrote the commercials sitting in the agency working on new stuff.

Jan filming Mike.

At Kolle Rebbe we have someone that officially could be called “Office Manager” or something like that. Her name is Mercedes, she is from Portugal and for us she is not an “Office Manager” but our “Agency Mum”. Why? Because she does what mums use to do. Shepherd her “Agency Kids”. So when Mum’s not in the agency the kitchen looks like that:

Our kitchen without Mercedes.

Messy…no…disgusting, isn’t it?

Our kitchen without Mercedes.

I had one day off to go to Berlin.

Berlin Fernsehturm.

There I found my favourite street of Amsterdam in a shop window in Mitte.

Staalstraat in Berlin.

The desk of my doctor. I had doctor’s week which means I managed to stuff all the appointments of the year into one week. This is the desk of Doc Steinmeier, my general practitioner. Hopefully he won’t mind that I played with the artificial knee joint while waiting for him.

My doctor's desk.

Here you can see Toby having a think on the floor of our office…

The man likes to have a think.

…and his copywritress Claudia. They are wonderful, nice, clever, gorgeous and a bunch of other brilliant adjectives. Unfortunately both will leave the agency and return to Springer & Jacoby where they have worked before. I will miss them. Nina as well. But hey, they are just five blocks away what makes it less downbeat.


On my way to the metro I passed by one of those buildings essentially made of glass and couldn’t resist to start taking pictures of the offices inside. All were illuminated so everyone was able to take a glimpse from outside. What kind of person might sit in this office?

Open office.

Nina made me go shopping with her. Why? Probably because she needed someone to carry all her stuff while she tried on trousers, shirts and jackets. Or to get some admiring “woweewows”.

Shopping break.

And finally last week this lovely bloke made his final call to his client. Alex left advertising to become Mr. Contemporary Art Gallery Owner Superstar. In Berlin. Looking forward to visit him and his gallery.

Alex's last call.


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