Dear Mr. Canon ixus-i7 Digital Camera Developer.

This post may be a bit geeky but two weeks or so ago I got a new camera. Because some quick handed braveheart stole my old one as you may have read. Anyway, let’s start with the good things. The camera is great. Small. Brilliant pictures. Easy menu and stuff. I love my little Canon ixus just as much as I loved the Canon ixus that this Mr. Thieving blablabla stole. But…and that’s the part where you jump in, my beloved Canon Digital Camera Engineer…why the hell do I need this unhandy, ugly camera station to download the pictures from the camera? When development is all about making things easier and more comfortable then why did you came up with the brilliant idea of “Hey, you know what? Let’s replace one single, handy USB-cable with one single, handy USB-cable AND this…thing!” Could you please explain?

And while thinking about it perhaps learn from the nice guys at SanDisk. I never heard of them before you (Canon) only put a 16 megabyte MMC card into my lovely camera’s box but they seem to have nice ideas. Like this one: a SD card plus USB. It looks like this:

And, hello Canon, do you know why it’s a brilliant ideas? Because it frees me from carrying this camera-station-socket-thing that came with my camera all day. Don’t get me wrong. I love your cameras. They are great products. But you can’t use the one word equity (uh, hello Mr. Saatchi) of “PLAY” while your products tie the consumer to things like camera stations. Sometimes one simple cable can be the solution. By the way: Hello friendly people at SanDisk. You build fantastic, easy-to-use products. But maybe you could overthink the slogan “Save your world in ours”. Only a guess.

After rereading this post I know it looks and sounds absolutely geeky but sorry I can’t help.


  1. Dan Germain

    This is a wise post. You’ve said the thing that we’re all thinking. That SanDisk gizmo looks smart, and now I’m going to buy me one, to free me from the tyranny of my big fat Sony cable.

  2. Seb

    Thanks. The SanDisk thingy is not only a smart one, it has a cute little blue LED light when plugged into the USB slot. Sweet. Somehow. By the way I really like the things I read about innocent. Unfortunately I never tried one of your smoothies because I can’t get it here in Germany, but I bet they taste as good as all the stuff I hear about it.

  3. Marcus Brown

    sausage voting is go seb!

    Moin Moin.

  4. Seb

    What a charming way to say “Give me your vote, man!”

    Hello Marcus.

  5. Marcus Brown


  6. dan at innocent

    We’re coming to Germany soon. I’ll bring you some drinks to taste.

  7. Seb

    I saw the German website. Will you have a fruit tower here as well? And I am waiting for my first innocent smoothie.

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