Snowee, snow.

Today I woke up and everywhere was snow. It’s great because snow doesn’t visit Hamburg that often. In fact it wasn’t great for my shoes because as a Converse All Star you probably never will be excited about snow. Neverever. So after some steps I decided to replace them by some winter-ever-ready Adidas Night Jogger. Brilliant. But anyway here are some pictures:

Snow is everywhere. At home.
Snow at home.

At the way to the agency.
Snow at the way to the agency.

At the agency.
Snow at agency.

We’re sorrounded by empty offices. Probably people that didn’t make the brilliant decision to replace Chucks with a pair of proper Night Jogger .

Lonely offices.

Some handsome hands. Burnt yesterday by a mean microwave dish. Frostbitten today by some uninvited snow. If you feel sorry for this needy pair of art director’s hands, feel free to visit the blog of their owner here and leave a comment of deep sympathy. Don’t expect too much, Nina just started. Be kind.

Some handsome hands.


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