Ponces With Macs.

A while ago Ian Tait of crackunit.com started a flickr group about that topic. Actually it is called “Computers behind blogs” and you get there by clicking the blue coloured link. It’s really interesting to see the blogplace (sorry can’t call it workplace) of all those people visiting his blog. Seems like nearly everyone of them is using a Mac and owning one or more Moleskines. Obviously Ian is right when calling us a bunch of ponces.

By the way, here is my picture:
My desk, 3 minutes and 34 seconds ago.


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    I like to change a few things from time to time. Because change is vital. And because I get bored being at the same place for some time and nothing really happens. That's why I moved this blog to another website you get there by clicking on one of the links below. Hopefully we will meet there again, maybe not. If so, we just were not made for each other. Sorry. Bye.

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