Snaps Of The Day.

With Pascal, a great director of photography and friend, at Zoe’s.

With Pascal at Zoe's

Mandy and Anne simultaneously checking mails at nhb studio.

At nhb

At the agency with the gorgeous and full-haired Toby visiting the office of my art directress Nina and me.

Double AD-Power.

Desktop Left

Desktop Right

At home playing some FIFA Soccer 2007.

Goal Javier

Hertha - Schalke 15:0


  1. Hilde

    sprache verschlagen? bin ja kein so visueller mensch…mmmmh…

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    I like to change a few things from time to time. Because change is vital. And because I get bored being at the same place for some time and nothing really happens. That's why I moved this blog to another website you get there by clicking on one of the links below. Hopefully we will meet there again, maybe not. If so, we just were not made for each other. Sorry. Bye.

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