The Horror The Horror

This week was bad. Really bad to me and some others creative teams on my floor. It seemed to me that the whole week was a Friday 13th. Not only I flooded my powerbook by mistake with a solid 1.5 litre bottle of water but all my / our clients seem to go mad, insane und stupid. Sorry to say that. Usually I like them all but they are step by step making our work a freaking horror-show. There is a bad mood in every office.
But somehow we’ll pull our heads out of this shit and will try to get some nice work back in the ring instead of this stuff that the clients are testing right now. We don’t know how, but we’ll somehow manage it.


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    I like to change a few things from time to time. Because change is vital. And because I get bored being at the same place for some time and nothing really happens. That's why I moved this blog to another website you get there by clicking on one of the links below. Hopefully we will meet there again, maybe not. If so, we just were not made for each other. Sorry. Bye.

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